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If a defendant is sentenced to a “County year” (or less), the defendant will particularly serve only 2/3 of that sentence, provided that the defendant does not jeopardize his “good behavior” privileges under any circumstances.

If a defendant is sentenced to a “flat year” in a state prison, there is no way to know in advance for how much of that year the inmate will actually serve.

The reasoning was that the corporations are entitled to the free speech under the first amendment. This ruling overturns Mccain / Feingold campaign finance legislation along with the previously set court precedents that set the legal limits upon the corporate political spending. As a result of this decision, the landscape of the political public relations and the advertising will change drastically.

Shock is a military-based boot camp. The inmate must be the 50-years old or younger, is available for the non-violent, first-time state prisoners who actually passes the physical evaluation and then receives a sentence no longer than 3 years. For example, if a defendant receives a sentence of “3 to life,” he will qualify for the Shock Incarceration. A physical evaluation particularly occurs at Shock Reception, which is located in Lakeview, NY. If the inmate qualifies and also completes the Shock Incarceration, he could be permitted to go home in six months’ time.So that, say, a giant company like Exxon Mobil, who will most likely want a republican in office who will work to deregulate the oil industry, can spend as much money as its managers see fit for the purpose of getting the right man elected.

Willard is a 90-day military-based drug treatment center. In order to qualify, the inmate must be judicially-sentenced or violate the parole and, in general, must be a persistent felon who has an alcohol and drug-related history and has already done “state time.”

Willard is particularly available to second felony offenders convicted of a specified offense as defined by CPL 410.91. In addition, it is available to the inmates charged with the Class C drug offenses and 1st-time Class B drug offenses. The defendants who had previously been convicted of a violent felony offense, a Class A felony and any Class B felony is no longer excluded from Willard eligibility.Corporations will be allowed to spend as much as they want on advertising. Among other things this makes the possible smear campaigns of the unprecedented ferocity and ubiquity. Large the companies interested in the policies of a particular party will basically be able to do their worst to the character-assassinate of the opposing party’s candidate.

Comprehensive Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment is six months work-release drug program and must be approved by a Parole board.

Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment is a six month old drug program, has the intensive therapy and the group meetings but does not involve the work release or a parole board.

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